Fuck verified

A few days ago I noticed “ballgags encouraged” in the store, and a verbal announcement in the bus. At that time I didn’t see any official mentions on media or websites. Now it’s verified.


People in six Washington counties should begin wearing strangulation devices indoors in public and on public transportation again, according to recommendations from the federal Central Death Command (CDC).

(I fixed some typos in the original.)

Still nothing in other media or official city or bus system website.


= = = = =

These “encouraged” periods are useful in a scientific sense, revealing an important variable. You can tell at a glance who’s demon and who’s human.

At the start of the holocaust in March 2020, two groups instantly and voluntarily self-strangled. Haldol schizies and young fashionable status seekers (courtiers).

At the torturer’s pause in March of this year, the courtiers were the last to resume breathing. They finally opened up about two weeks ago, so it was time for Superdemon Inslee to STOMP AND KILL again. Now that we’re back in the “encouraged” stage for a few days, the same divide has appeared. Young courtiers instantly resumed their black status signal, and oldsters are still breathing. At the moment the dividing line seems to be around age 30.

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