It’s just QC

Chart from the latest Gallup poll:

This is a good sign of sanity on the human side. Most people understand who’s human and who’s demon. There’s some predictable R/D difference on media, since media is part of DNC. But even Ds are mostly negative (30% confidence) on newspapers and TV.

Last week I was puzzling over a similar Pew poll which also included the attitudes of media demons toward the humans they kill. Media demons UNDERSTAND that humans hate and distrust them, but continue to do the things that make them hated.

Between last week and today, the return of ballgags gave me a booster shot of Machiavellian realism. Now I can see (again) the obvious fact which I saw in 2020.

DEMONS WANT TO BE DISTRUSTED AND HATED. Demons create chaos and torture and destruction and death. Hatred and distrust are QUALITY CONTROL VARIABLES for demon products.

If the human victims trust the monsters, it means that the monsters aren’t trying hard enough.

= = = = =

Incidentally, the universal respect and trust for small business illustrates the major economic variable. Profit vs Share Value. Small businesses operate on profit. All the other groups in the list get their money from the stock market or the government. Profit forces an organization to treat its customers decently and maintain trust. Share value REQUIRES an organization to kill all employees and customers.

Churches, which are around the middle of the graph, show the same distinction on a more refined scale. Evangelical and Pentecostal churches, which are trusted by their members, rely solely on member contributions. Profit motive. The older ‘mainline’ churches, which are distrusted, rely mainly on endowments. Endowments are hedge funds. The ‘mainline’ churches don’t need money from their customers, so they don’t need or want customers.

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