Combining previous and previous.

I discussed the communication systems of bees and flowers.

I discussed the common ground of a trust-based economy.

I noted that a website about plant intelligence was obviously old, obviously a living fossil. It featured MOV videos, which are ‘no longer supported’ by Apple.

The Github syndrome, constantly EOLing every useful format or feature and introducing new formats that accomplish LESS than the old format, DOES NOT OCCUR IN NATURE.

Every natural format is supported as long as the senders and receivers exist. Bees and flowers have been using the same complex protocol for a hundred million years. Wolves and deer have been using the same protocol for a hundred million years. Bacteria and intestines. Viruses and animals. Each format is permanent. There’s no central Github or AWS enabling the protocol, so there’s no way for demons to EOL the protocol.**

Github, also called Innovative Disruption, is MURDER. The purpose of EOLing formats and software is to EOL work and skills and social protocols and non-demonic humans, leaving only the demons occupying the universe.

= = = = =

**It’s possible that 2020 was Deepstate’s attempt to EOL the protocols of immunity.  They certainly destroyed public understanding of the protocols.  I’m not convinced that Deepstate was thinking at this complicated level; more likely they just found a new and exciting way to kill the universe.

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