Clever use of Sucker Filter

Tiffany’s has come up with the ultimate leverage for the Sucker Filter. Tiffany is turning horrible 12-pixel NFTs into real physical mosaics made of gems, which is a brilliant craft metaphor. Mosaics are pixelated by definition.

The Sucker Filter arises from the conditions of purchase. The mosaic costs $50k, but you can’t just buy it by paying $50k. You can only pay $50k for a real mosaic if you’ve ALREADY paid $200k for the purely abstract “reference” to the stupid horrible JPG.

Top-notch jewelers formerly made artistic products in good taste, and tried to prevent their wares from being seen in the environment of nouveau riche bad taste. Now they’ve flipped the standard. Expensive art can ONLY be seen in the environment of horrible atrocious bad taste and phenomenal stupidity, because horrible taste is ONLY associated with rich fuckheads.

Beauty is solely correlated with poverty now.

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