Not much charge in the disc

Took a peek at the latest “revelations” on UFOs. BlackVault has a solid website and a well-organized Youtube channel with good clear careful narration. I like the way they’re handling things, and I think Frank Edwards would have been pleased.

There’s not much beef in this burger.

These FOIAs are a lot like the older CIA and State Dept FOIAs at Wikileaks. 95% of the content is an ‘aggregation’ of news items about the agency. The other 5% is notices of meetings or events, but not the content of the meetings or events. You can get a good sense of the agency’s priorities from this material, but there’s no real information. Deepstate NEVER reveals Shannon information.

The latest material includes a couple of videos, equally uninformative. Both were supposedly taken on board one of the shuttles. One shows a belt-like object drifting past. The belt isn’t doing anything, and doesn’t appear to be unearthly; perhaps a belt of solar panels that fell off a satellite.  The other video shows a couple of slow-moving dots, which could also be satellite leftovers.

BlackVault focuses on one of the event mentions, apparently a conference about the sudden acceleration seen in UFOs. Nothing from the event itself. Real people and government agencies have been observing and discussing this characteristic since 1947, and nobody has a solid answer.  (Unless, of course, NASA is the designer and manufacturer.)

The easiest explanation is that the disc-type objects are like ball lightning, a node of charged particles with essentially zero mass. Natural ball lightning moves around suddenly with no inertia. A guided object built the same way would be capable of the same movement. Are these objects artificial and guided? Some of them appeared to be. For sure they were highly charged, causing power outages and ignition failures.

The big question right now is why NASA is telling us to believe the UFOs after many decades of telling us to disbelieve. The newer images and reports are LESS convincing than the older images and reports.

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Later thought (actually recovering an earlier thought): Sucker Filter applies here. “Believe me, not your lying eyes.” When many people were observing the discs in real life, government needed to discredit our perception. Now that nobody is observing the discs in real life, government still needs to discredit our perception.  The primary job of Deepstate is to ruin our minds.

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