I don’t see the cede

I can’t quibble with this Kirn oracle, but I can’t call it realistic either.

Beneath the hard dry crust of the establishment, a powerful dynamic reservoir of turbulent independent energy is starting to exert real counter pressure. It does not have a name yet, this force or movement, but it is developing as a real alternative to the sterile control model.

This movement is conjuring itself into existence using tools and powers and qualities that have been ceded to it by the control class. Among them are beauty, humor, eccentricity, openness, ebullience, spirituality, physical vigor, skepticism, and simple passionate aliveness.

‘Qualities ceded’ is a powerful observation, or maybe just a powerful hope. If this is happening, it’s not visible from out here.   The political and academic sides of the establishment are stark raving mad and getting starker and ravinger by the second. If there really is a countertrend, the counters need to SHOW THEIR WORK. Turn out a product we can see and sample, whether it’s a law or an agency or a publication.

I do see a shift in the corporate side of the establishment, as central banks turn off the free counterfeit. Corporations are changing their direction visibly as they recover the need for customers and employees and products. Woke noises and ESG mission statements are no longer enough.

China’s inward turn is also affecting the cost-benefit ratio of offshoring. Xi is returning to Mao’s pure Middle Kingdom insularity.  Foreign devils not needed or wanted.  Our corporate devils are grudgingly pulling out.

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