Somebody else gets it!

The bitcoin enterprise was developed BY Deepstate FOR Deepstate. This was obvious from the fucking start, and I’ve been shouting about it for 10 years.

Bitcoin is CENTRALIZED BY FUCKING DEFINITION. When all transactions MUST take place inside NSA’s web, all transactions are CENTRALIZED IN THE WORST POSSIBLE WAY. You can’t possibly call this decentralized no matter how you twist the words.

Maybe others understand it quietly, but I’ve never seen any written expression of this point even among the ‘realists’. Everyone accepts and parrots the two shared lies that bitcoin was founded by utopian libertarians, and bitcoin is innately decentralized.  As always with Shared Lies, some see the fake ‘facts’ as good and some see the fake ‘facts’ as bad, but nobody sees the fake ‘facts’ as false.

Finally another writer gets it.

In this long interview, Catherine Fitts explains it from her lifetime experience in high finance. The subject starts around 59:00 in the video.

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At 1:00:02 the host asks: So how does crypto fit into this?

Fitts: Cryptocurrencies were a prototype in how to use digital currency to do the central bank CBDC. … Remember, they’re trying to get everything digital. I said this in 2008: They don’t care if you call it dollars, or wampum beads, or crypto. As long as it’s digital, and it RUNS ON THEIR HARDWARE, they’re happy.

Host: So you mean our bitcoins can somehow be controlled centrally?

Fitts: Absolutely. In 2017 I did a lot of research and realized the whole thing was just a prototype. What will happen to particular cryptos, I don’t know, but I assure you, WHEN YOU PLAY ON THE ENEMY’S HARDWARE, THEY CONTROL YOU.

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I’m not convinced it was a prototype. Blockchain feels more like a brand aimed to control a specific type of sucker. The advertising has been tightly targeted.

Nevertheless, centralization is the big point. It’s just so damn obvious. In previous sane eras, corporations didn’t try to compete by renting the opposition’s factory. Armies didn’t try to fight a war by purchasing the enemy’s weapons. Dissidents didn’t expect to rent the NYTimes presses to print their newsletters, or rent NBC’s studios to make their TV shows.

Now we’ve been conditioned to use the enemy’s hardware for ALL of those purposes. Corporations rent China’s factories. Armies use China’s chips in their weapons. Dissidents expect Youtube to PAY them for using Youtube’s broadcast studio.

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