Thinking like an astronomer

Avi is an astronomer, so it’s not shocking that he thinks like an astronomer. The ultimate goal of his project:

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I am often asked why the Galileo Project aims to collect its own data on UAP rather than rely on numerous images taken by cell phone cameras. The reason is that a lot of data with compromised quality does not add up to the value of a small amount of data of high quality from instruments that are fully calibrated and controlled by professionals. One high-resolution image of a UAP would be worth millions of blurry images of the same UAP. This is for the simple reason that all blurry images will show a fuzzy object whereas one sharp image could reveal its nature. This is also familiar from astronomical data sets, where information is carried only by data in which the signal exceeds the noise.

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Unlikely to yield results. UFOs are not stars or planets. They don’t sit in one place or move in reliable orbits. If they exist at all, they are INTELLIGENT.

The official radio-astronomers have been making the same mistake with their giant in-ground reflectors giving max resolution and zero portability. Back to SCR-268 yet again!

The convincing UFOs seen from 1947 to 1967 fitted into two categories: discs and acorns.

(There were also some cigars, but those were unconvincing. Cigars were either discs seen from the side, Zeppelins sighted before they were familiar, or atmospheric refractions of airliners.)

The discs were about car-sized, maybe bus-sized. They flew in flocks, seeming to enjoy 3d dancing. They were curious about certain types of human installations, and seemed to investigate or perhaps draw electrical nutrition from those installations.

Discs were either living things made of charge, or drones controlled by living things. If drones, the simplest explanation is that the discs were built and sent out by our military and Deepstate. They were often seen near secret installations because that’s where they were made and tested.

The acorns were much bigger, about yacht-size. They may have contained ‘crews’ of living things, though that’s doubtful. They didn’t move much, and their purpose was harder to imagine. They appeared in one location, stayed for a while (again possibly absorbing electrical nutrition) and then disappeared.

Neither of them have been seen in a long time. The recent claimed sightings “revealed” by Deepstate are insultingly unconvincing, either obvious manmade drones that anyone can buy, or obvious artifacts like houseflies near the lens.

The discs seemed to behave like nocturnal animals, ready to flee when observed or illuminated. They disappeared when not on the hunt. Like bees, they lived in a sensory world of electric fields and waves.  If they’re still around, they will sniff out a fixed observation system and avoid it.

Maybe Avi should bring in expert consultants who know how to catch intelligent critters.  A bow-hunter, a pest control specialist, and a sneaky marketer or scammer.   Calling in ‘unsavory’ experts who can get the job done is another advantage of operating outside academia and tenure and ethics committees and peer review.

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