Caste rears its head

Watching a few minutes of the long funeral ceremonies for the queen.

Brits know how to queue. Charles is the champion queue-er, patiently waiting his turn for 70 years.

Last night people were filing past the coffin with perfect order and silence at all times. Most people just walked past the coffin without looking, but a few paused and deeply bowed to the coffin. The bowers were mostly Indian or Oriental, while the non-lookers were mostly white.

This morning there’s a parade in the street with several types of soldiers and sailors and cops. The cavalry were riding their horses, and the horses were doing a peculiar sort of head-dipping and head-tossing. The riders weren’t pulling the reins; all of their hands were firmly on the saddle. Was this dipping and tossing another form of bowing, another way of recognizing the death of a loved master?


These horses probably** didn’t know Elizabeth. But these horses certainly DO know what their riders are thinking and feeling.

= = = = =

** Probably: These parade horses might be the aristocratic Windsor Grey tribe which has pulled royal carriages many times. They know the human Windsors well.

Later: Here’s a feature about Elizabeth’s favorite horse, with a closeup of the horses in the parade doing their bows.

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