Purpose vs Parkinson

Briefly returning to those ‘independent’ organizations who allowed BLATANTLY OBVIOUS DEEPSTATERS to take command. Early in the holocaust, the German ‘independent’ ACU claimed to have secret info that would blow up the blackmail. Nothing happened, then they allowed RFK Jr to take over. The Unz boys claimed to be working on the biowar question, revealing the origins of the “virus”. Now they’ve allowed Jeffrey Sachs to take over.

Working toward the wrong goal is the biggest red flag for false flags.

The German group is now falling apart, with one cofounder accusing the other of absconding with all the funds. (Including $300 that I stupidly contributed to help them produce a documentary that never happened.)

This is a very old story, visible in the New Testament and described clearly by Machiavelli and Parkinson. Modern westerners have been bamboozled by “meritocracy” and “democracy” so we don’t recognize the ancient manipulators and dividers when they rip us to shreds.

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Later and better thought, focusing on the money: This is just another variant of the IPOs and bitcoin crap that suddenly “bloomed” to vacuum up central bank counterfeit. Bitcoiners and tech startups claimed to have a utopian purpose. “Virus” data-gatherers also claimed to have a utopian purpose. All were simply waiting for the right moment to abscond.

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