Sputnik’s birthday, with a difference

Polistra and friends have been saluting Sputnik’s birthday for many years. This year, for the very first time, we have to salute NASA as well.

Until last week NASA served no purpose at all. USA was pretending to compete against Russia’s superior education system and superior work system. We lost the pissing contest forever when we failed to “wake up” our own schools. Instead of copying Russia’s experiment-based science education, we sank even deeper into memorizing crazy theories.

After 1975 NASA wasn’t even pretending, just burning up money. Pure Parkinson.

Last week, for the FIRST TIME IN ITS HISTORY, NASA performed a useful and purposeful task.

Astronomy is a hobby. Some people enjoy it, but government shouldn’t be paying trillions of dollars to support a hobby. Government is required to do only one thing:

Government is supposed to defend the country against invaders.

NASA demonstrated that they could find and hit an invading craft or asteroid, and knock it off course. NASA broke out of the Parkinson loop, giving a benign meaning to Reset.

So we’ve included a NASA flag in this year’s birthday party.

= = = = =

Random thoughts on the occasion:

I’ve already observed that the Soviet patent system was more realistic and balanced than ours, giving RECOGNITION to scientists and inventors. Our system serves only to impoverish inventors.

What about artists?

We’ve been trained to condemn Stalin’s censorship of art and music and literature.

His methods were brutal and harsh, but his taste was impeccable. He wanted artistic products to be beautiful and orderly and Soviet, not just Russian. Stalin supported ethnic art and ethnic music. The tsars had been mindlessly and traitorously pro-European, copying the latest French and German styles even while France and Germany tried to destroy Russia.

Stalin hated jazz because we were using jazz as a chaos-inducing weapon. Our Deepstate loves jazz and abstract art and avant-garde literature because those things are chaotic and ugly and horrible and anti-human and anti-national.

Our WPA was much closer to Stalin in its purposes, with one major exception.

WPA’s architecture was beautiful and orderly and AMERICAN, expressing local and ethnic tastes where appropriate. WPA’s scholarly writing was equally classical and orderly and AMERICAN, with due regard and empathy for all ethnic groups. The WPA Guides to the states are the absolute peak of historical writing. Nothing else remotely approaches them. Everything else is pure crap by comparison.

WPA didn’t fund a lot of original music, so there’s not much to compare in that department. They did support classical ‘outreach’ to small or poor cities.

WPA’s dramatic groups were the exception. Most of them were avant-garde and atrocious, the same obnoxious soul-killing toxin that Deepstate later cultivated in NYC off-Broadway and CBS ‘experimental’ drama programs.

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