Indicative vs Imperative again

The galaxy-brains are always bullies. Not necessarily full-fledged psychopaths, but always functioning as powermongers. Balaji is a classic galaxy-brain. Here he shows how to turn an admission of failure into a command.

Korea and the urban parts of China are getting ready to adapt ALL of their roads and streets for self-driving cars. Balaji requires us to do the same.

This is an admission that FSD cars can’t work.

Non-galaxies have been trying to explain this fact for 80 years, while the galaxies continued pumping money and influence into self-driving software. Before the galaxies took over the world, sci-fi predictions and research were based on an accurate view of driving and computers.

Fact: Cars without drivers can only work like trains and streetcars, with physical or magnetic TRACKS. This system was displayed at the fucking 1939 World’s Fair. It’s not a new idea, it’s the original idea.

The indicative admission of failure immediately turns into an IMPERATIVE COMMAND to destroy the world and rebuild it in a new form without peasants. Only the galaxy-brained aristocrats will occupy the new universe, served by robots.

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