Still true both ways

The collection of rare one-off old radio programs at Archive includes a lot of serious wisdom. Possibly those single episodes were preserved on tape or disk because of the unique wisdom, or possibly the wisdom was typical of all episodes. In the cases where the Blessed Preservers have given us a full season or a large group of episodes, the latter is true. A high-quality product is consistent, and a low-quality product is also consistent.

Here’s another one-off. A news segment followed by a locally produced feature along the lines of Ripley or Hix, from KSTP in St Paul, dated 10/24/49. The Hix-like feature includes this item:

= = = = =

If you’ve been worried about the possibility of your thinker being replaced by a machine, relax. It’ll never happen. That comes from a U of Texas professor who is a whiz on those complex machines sometimes known as mechanical or electric brains. Dr Leroy Brown says that a perfect example of the machine, called the Synthesizer-Analyzer, can work out problems that would take years of manpower, tons of paper, and miles of pencils. But Doc Brown says it still takes a human to give the machine a problem. Thus, he says, we’re always needing humans to MAKE problems.

= = = = =

Clearly meant in both senses, and correct in both senses.

The announcer had a unique outro, departing from the usual Good Night and Good Luck:

Laugh at your ills, pay your bills, behave yourself.

= = = = =

Credit footnote:  I like to link these old clips as a recognition of value, so readers can hear the high-quality material if wanted.   As usual this clip came from, and as usual I can’t locate it again by searching.  Unlike a real library, Archive is pretty much unsearchable.   Some people believe that Archive is intentionally opaque to slow down access, like QWERTY.

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