What would Proverbial think?

If the proverbial Martian picked up scenes like this while monitoring Earth TV, what would he think?

People are standing and sitting bent over. Many of them are using crutches and canes and wheelchairs.

If he was a proverbial evolutionist as well as a proverbial Martian, he’d automatically assume we were dropping back to quadrupedal form and abandoning bipedal. Or perhaps losing our spines and reverting to jellyfish.

If he wasn’t blinded by terrestrial theories, he’d assume that the “pandemic” constantly mentioned in the same broadcasts was a repeat of the REAL ’50s polio epidemic.

And he’d be close to correct. Only this time the paralysis is caused by a drug instead of a microbe.

If he pursued the topic, he’d then find that the drug was manufactured and prescribed by a group of people who claimed to be “helping”, but in fact were destroying civilization.

And he’d be absolutely correct.

= = = = =

This screencap is from one of the many chronicles of Fentanyl in cities that were already destroyed by the same enemy who prescribed the paralyzing drug.

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