Interesting for other reasons

Speaking of galaxy-brained bullies….

Cryptadamus, a writer about bitcoin, believes that Satoshi is really the galaxy-brain master criminal Paul LeRoux. Cryptadamus is convinced by experience, having formerly used one of the Mac encryption systems developed by LeRoux. Cryptadamus also matched several of the important dates of bitcoin against the few possibly “known” dates in LeRoux’s career. The best match of all is the name Salotshi in one of LeRoux’s aliases.

I don’t have experience with encryption software, so can’t verify from that end.

I hadn’t heard of LeRoux before. His “biography” as given by Wikipedia seems to tie together several of the necessary threads, but not all; the connection to currency and banking isn’t strong. My attention was really grabbed by the Deepstatey feel of LeRoux’s “biography”. Every step of the story, from alleged “birth” to alleged “sentencing”, has at least two different versions, and the pattern reminds me of a couple of Deepstatey people I’ve known. Hall of mirrors.

LeRoux’s criminal businesses and criminal associates are solidly Deepstate. Encryption is, of course, Deepstate’s day job. You don’t get to produce a “breakproof” encryption system unless it’s breakable by NSA. He worked with South African intel, Israeli intel, and drug gangs selling prescription drugs in USA and elsewhere. (Including Soma.) Again, you don’t penetrate those circles without assistance. Deepstate has been weaponizing drugs since the Boxer Rebellion, and I do know from experience that Deepstate was involved with the hippie-era drug trade.

LeRoux was allegedly “arrested” in 2012 and started working more openly with Deepstate to snitch on his competitors while continuing to run his gang. After 8 years of snitching, he was allegedly “imprisoned” in 2020.

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