They know what they’re doing

Interesting picture at one of the Enid history FB pages. It’s an aerial shot of the abandoned Trail Drivein theater. Appears to be a trucking company next door, and they’ve used the back end of the quarter-circle to store trailers.  (Now it’s the Trailer Drivein!  Yuk yuk yuk.)

Trees are taking over the main part of the arc, and the trees are parked just like cars watching the screen! Every tree has taken the middle of the slope. They obviously know what they’re doing, but what are they thinking?

I would have imagined that the trees would grow wherever the seed dropped, since there’s not a whole lot of difference between top and bottom. If they had a preference, I would have thought they’d take the slightly wetter and more sheltered bottom line:

But instead they prefer the middle of the contour:

Were they seeking the nutrients in the oil leaks? In the areas without trees you can see the oil patches, and they seem to match the spacing of the trees.

What movie are they watching? Wind in the Willows? A Tree Grows in Brooklyn? Definitely not Twister or Gone with the Wind.

= = = = =

Language footnote: In Enid, Trail specifically means the Chisholm Trail, aka Highway 81. I used to work at the Trail Motel, also on 81.

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