AI Lincoln

Madman Lincoln advised scammers and tyrants to fool different types of people in different ways. Everyone has a weak spot, and your job is to hit all of them.

In modern times the procedure has become a bit too mechanized and obvious, thanks to AI and copy-paste.

These are from the Metaverse category on Medium. I’ve shoved them together for simplicity, but they were only separated by two or three unrelated items in the original. Easy enough to see the pattern if you weren’t already “inside” one of these “special kingdoms”.

Clearly they were all pumped out by the same swindling outfit at brief intervals.

Contrary: I must admit that one of the NFT “worlds” might have grabbed me if I didn’t already understand the overall fraud. It’s a world of industry and blacksmiths and solderers, united by the necessary emission of fumes and smoke.

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