I’ve been bemoaning the lack of school-based training and entertainment-based training about scams and swindles.

Experience is the ONLY teacher, but there are two ways to acquire experience. Ideally a training experience should put you through most of the real situation without danger to your life or wealth.

Whether intentionally or not, the DAO swindle is a perfect teacher about the reality of “democracy” and “rights” and “meritocracy”. The reality is right out in the open, written into the code. No disguise, no partisan blame-swapping.

The “decentralized” “democratic” ‘fair” organization is managed by whoever has the most money and the least morality. DAO is the Machiavelli Montessori, EXCEPT that it steals your real money.

= = = = =

Semi-relevant footnote: The late 40s program ‘This is your FBI’ always started with an unctuous moralistic lecture, laying the groundwork for Deepstate’s zombie resurrection after the death of FDR. Here’s a beautiful example that incorporates all the elements in one grotesque sentence. Every word is italicized and capitalized and bolded in the pedantic “grammatical” voice of the announcer.

Fathers And Mothers Of America! Upon The Training Your Children Receive Today Rests The Future Of America. Our System Of Free Enterprise, Personal Liberty, And Democracy, Cannot Exist Without Educated And Enlightened Citizens.

The whole monstrous fraud in one neatly tied package.

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