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Zuck is pushing the envelope of hi-tech with new advances that nobody has ever thought of before!

Via UploadVR, a tech-optimist puffery website:

Meta Horizon Workrooms is the product name for the beta software on Quest 2 and Quest Pro that’s a cornerstone of the company’s approach to changing the way people work outside physical offices. It features support for traditional flat-screen video chat participants, too, but Workrooms users joining from a VR headset can also hear impressive spatial sound or draw ideas on their desk or shared whiteboard.

Impressive spatial sound! Wowie zowie! Been there, done that, in 2007.

The good part is that a lot of people are finally asking PURPOSE questions. PURPOSE didn’t matter when all the money in the world was flowing freely. Even “journalists” are occasionally wondering what PURPOSE is served by wearing a headset and letting Zuck track every neuron in your body.

Best guess: Most of the $15 billion is actually going into secret Deepstate work. VR began in the military with analog sound trackers (impressive spatial sound!) and Link flight simulators (impressive spatial everything!).   Current goal: Tracking every neuron is Deepstate’s permanent wet dream.

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Related: Wolf continues to graph the implosion of all the stupid “tech” crap now that the free money is gone. Today he’s focusing on Snapchat, which has been trying out VR:

Snap is trying to make a go of augmented reality (AR) and calls itself a “camera company.” With its AR spectacles, users of its app can “reimagine” the reality around them, what they might look in this or that dress or whatever. The idea is that a retailer will work with Snap to allow AR users to try on clothes virtually, for example, and Snap would get paid for this form of advertising with various fees.

Well, I don’t really want to know what I would look like in this or that dress. I’ll leave that form of enjoyment to J. Edgar and her bosom buddies. But this does remind me of a joke told by the old Vaudevillians in Fun At Breakfast.

A woman is more courageous than a man! No man with only ten cents in his pocket would dare to try on ten suits of clothes.

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Breaking “news” just now: Interpol has created its own VR Metaverse to fight “criminals” and OldThinkers in the allegedly alt-right “dark” “web” of the Metaverse. Now we know for sure who Zuck is working for.

The announcement is notable for its openness. The bitcoin enterprise was set up as a sting without straightforward announcements. People with experience in tech could interpret the goal easily, but it still hasn’t been announced. Now that the suckers have been sorted and selected, there’s no need for coyness.

Update: It’s so damn hard to do parody now. Two days later, we have a famous repeat scammer openly announcing:

The other day I deployed a shitcoin called Mango Inu and did no promotion. It got 250k invested/gambled in an hour. To be clear, if you buy this you will lose all your money.

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As long as I’m doing random sucker notes….. Elon’s goal of changing Twitter from ad-driven to subscription makes good business sense. The users should be cheering, because customers get more respect than products. BUT: Elon wants to bill the subscribers in bitcoin. This places an interesting twist on the disjunct worlds of pro and anti bitcoin. The procoiners have been cultivated and selected for “libertarian” and “alt-right” thoughts, while the anticoiners are selected for ESG and Woke. Twitter’s user base and employees are in the latter group. They will be faced with an uncomfortable choice. If they want to continue posting in Twitter or working for Twitter, they’ll have to handle HORRIBLE FILTHY TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP BITCOINS, which have been lethally contaminated by UNVAXED UNMUZZLED TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP VIRUS VIRUS VIRUS MONSTERS!!!!!!

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