That’s not the goddamn problem.

Email spam for this “election” is constantly bemoaning the fund-raising pains of the sender. Well, why should I sympathize? You are supposedly auditioning for a job as legislator or executive. You’re openly admitting that your sole PURPOSE AND FUNCTION is fund-raising. The audition is the job.

Paper mail spam this year is entirely different. Nothing about fund-raising. Solely focused on the “opposing” candidates, and every single piece says “X is too extreme!” That’s the only sentence.

In reality none of these idiots are extreme.  Extreme implies a spectrum of differences.  All are identical and indistinguishable.

Even the paper itself is annoying and identical. Every piece is a huge sharp-edged rectangle of poster stock, hard for the mailman to get into the box and hard for me to pry out of the box. After I strain and bruise my fingers removing the shit, I’m not inclined to read what the shit says.

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