Why anti-nuke?

Half-baked thought, sounds good at the moment…

The anti-nuke movement started in 1946, as an INTEGRAL part of the UN. The UN was initially a continuation of the wartime alliance, US + UK + France + USSR, keeping Japan and Germany weak and unable to start more wars.

The allies had plenty of energy. US and USSR have all the reliable sources in-house. Abundant coal, oil, gas, hydro. England and France had coal inside the country, with oil from their colonies.

At that time West Germany had some coal but no colonies, and Japan had no energy at all.  (East Germany has abundant coal, but it was effectively part of USSR.)

Nuclear power is the BEST SOLUTION for a country that lacks oil and coal and hydro. So the anti-nuke propaganda was intended to keep Japan and Germany dependent on the allies, in the hope that they wouldn’t attack their suppliers.

Later both Japan and Germany developed nuclear power and freed themselves from the dependence.

Unfortunately the propaganda continued to stupefy Krauts and Japs. In the last decade they removed their own nuclear plants, intentionally ruining their own economy and re-creating a dependence on Russia. When USA decided to start attacking Russia again, Germany was stuck in a self-created trap.

At last report Japan was starting to regain common sense, planning to reopen its closed nuke plants. Germany remains fully stupid.

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