Field swap?

The “two” “parties” switch ideologies every few decades. Like the present orientation of the Earth’s magnetic field, the present party inclination is overdue for a switchover. I wonder if Fetterman vs Oz is the first indication?

Both men are outside their niche, and it shows.

Fetterman was a tough-on-crime prosecutor, now running as D. Aside from his stroke-related limitations, he’s trying to talk a foreign language, which is already difficult for a non-impaired brain.

Oz was the absolutely perfect D candidate. He spent 20 years cultivating Oprah’s audience, which is EXACTLY AND IDENTICALLY the same people as DNC primary voters.

In JS: Oprah === DNC

In Python: Oprah is DNC

In C: &Oprah == &DNC

Now Oz is quoting the Repooflican talking points, speaking a non-native language by reading the phrase book. Natives can distinguish a spy.

Is this two-way switchover just a peculiar product of political marketers, or does it herald a total field swap? Hard to tell at the moment.

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