Long-lasting ladies

NYC media have never REMOTELY quasi-micro-pico-understood the rest of the country.

NYC constantly hammers the myth of a Man’s World. Pure nonsense. The northeast is MUCH more of a Man’s World. When I moved to Pennsylvania in the ’80s, I was genuinely shocked by the domesticity of women in that part of the country.

In the plains states, women have always managed businesses and cities when they had the opportunity and the need, and they continue to run things through a LONG life.

My first two jobs in Enid had female bosses, both in their 70s at that time.

One house I rented was owned by an 80-year-old lady who lived next door. She had built her house with her own hands back in the ’40s after her husband died.

Two long-lasting ladies have shown up in Enid Buzz lately. Lois Record owned Enid Beauty College from 1962 to 2022. She retired recently at 93, after selling the business to another beauty college in Woodward. This garden store is owned by a 90-year old lady, who runs it with her grandson.

What’s the secret? Climate might be part of it. Lots of wind, lots of heat and storms, not much cold. Civilization is a better candidate. Enid seems to have lost some of its vitality in recent years, but for most of its history it made room for oddballs and outliers. Everyone can be useful and everyone must be useful.

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