Needs more Mach

I think this guy is genuinely puzzled, not an AP game player. He’s asking the right questions but he doesn’t know enough history.

Right questions:

How does DHS justify its evolving mission from countering foreign terror groups to policing domestic “disinfo” on social media? Leaked planning docs show the agency argues false information is a source of radicalization & violence.

First, you shouldn’t be surprised that the “paused” Minitrue wasn’t paused. This was a standard gambit, and the pause was transparently false.

Second, the mission didn’t evolve. Deepstate has ALWAYS created foreign terrorist groups and staged them against each other to justify our intervention in foreign countries. Deepstate has ALWAYS created domestic Conspiracy Theory A and domestic Conspiracy Theory B and staged them against each other to justify our intervention in our own country.

Read Machiavelli. He formalized this system. Nothing has changed in 500 years.

= = = = =

Since I’m stuck on this silly subject, a couple more silly peeves.

(1) Everyone on “both” “sides” is riled up that Elon removed the board of directors. This is just an AUTOMATIC part of switching from stock market control to private control. A privately held company doesn’t have or need a board because the sole purpose of the board is to represent large shareholders.

(2) The aristocrats are upset that Elon will start CHARGING MONEY for their precious blue checks. Yahoo Finance called it “ominous”. I understand that aristocrats NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER PAY FOR ANY FUCKING THING IN LIFE, but maybe it’s time to start. Influencers are advertisers. Traditionally advertisers (both commercial and political) pay TV stations to place their messages on the air. We’ve developed this peculiar category of Influencers who RECEIVE money for placing their advertising on the air. It doesn’t make normal business sense.

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