I’ve been saying from the start that I wouldn’t call the NAZI TORTURE finished until the Lucite disappears.  The real purpose of the Lucite was to protect clerks and drivers from enraged concentration camp prisoners, not to “protect” anyone from “viruses”.  As long as the Lucite was in place, the rest of the TORTURE was ready to turn on at any moment.

Today the Lucite is gone from the store.

It’s still in the bus, but I’m starting to feel 5% confident that the TSA demons don’t really want to resume ballgags. The “judge” is clearly slow-walking their appeal, and they haven’t pushed back or started a new appeal in a different venue. More to the point, they haven’t simply ignored the “judge”, as they were doing before. TSA “obeyed” the “judge” because their real budget master, the airlines, finally got together and shouted NO in unison. Bullies can be stopped by a larger army with superior blackmail power.

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