One non-bad thing

Matt Stoller has been trying to persuade us that anti-trust regulation is improving. I’ve been waiting for VISIBLE EVIDENCE.

The antitrusters have finally provided VISIBLE AND AUDIBLE EVIDENCE, and it’s in an area I know well.

EnidBuzz features Evans Drug demonstrating the new over-the-counter hearing aids, which are connected through an iPhone.

Oddly enough, this returns HA to the old pocket-mounted style!

Our proverbial Martian might have trouble telling which is the antique obsolete way and which is the brand-new super-fashionable way.

The change in regulations is tremendously overdue. When I was studying** to be an audiologist in 1978, the profs openly admitted that most HAs didn’t need medical advice or specialized knowledge. In other words they admitted that the profession was a semi-racket.

For noise-induced loss or old-age loss, a simple amplifier with a controllable tone contour is all you need.  Amplitude compression also helps.  Both features were universal parts of radio and phonograph amplifiers, not specialized medical technology.

The earplug ideally should be fitted, but a simple plug is good enough for non-constant use. Now the experience of cellphones with earbuds has accustomed most folks to the feel of an earphone, so it’s harder to justify the professionalized approach.

Now make the same change for prescription drugs. If we can return to the Zenith era in HA, we can return to the older system where doctors RECOMMENDED and pharmacists made the decisions. As it stands now, MDs (Mengele Demons) can withhold prescriptions to force obedience. Prisons can’t do it, so why should innocent people be less free than prisoners?

= = = = =

This makes a total of three “non-bad” things done by the Federal government in my adult life. So far they haven’t done anything positively good in my life, but at least they’ve RETRACTED THEIR OWN CRUELTY in three areas. (1) Repealed the seatbelt alarm in 1974. (2) Repealed the welfare program in 1996. (3) Repealed prescription HA in 2022.

If we take these as an arithmetic sequence, we can expect the next non-bad move in 2052.

= = = = =

** Clinical practicum taught me that the technical side of the profession was easy, but the social contact and salesmanship part wasn’t suitable work for an introvert. I stuck with the tech side, doing research and software. Experience is the ONLY teacher.

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