How to corner the market

From EnidBuzz, the city ice plant, photo from the 1920s. The photo is remarkably informative. A little snow on the ground** makes traffic patterns nicely visible. Elegant mission-style building with the refrigeration plant behind. Price list by the door. The ice route men would have picked up their load from a loading dock, presumably to the left of the front wing.  The traffic patterns and the price list tell us that retail customers used the front door to pick up ice.

The commenters describe how the ice plant ‘monetized’ its advantage. When you’re the only cold place in a hot town, you sell cold watermelons and you keep furs in cold storage for the oil wives.

All living things (including proper businesses) seek local or relative monopolies by finding a niche. Big corporations (aka psychopathic demons) create worldwide monopolies by killing everyone else. Normal businesses use the relative monopoly to make money by SERVING.

** Might be mud from the unpaved street. In either case the patterns are marked.

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