Best parody of the decade

The Buttcoin section of Reddit mocks blockchain with (sometimes) less ad-hominem bigotry and bullying than the big anticoin influencers like David Gerard and Molly White. Buttcoin seems to recognize that you don’t persuade people by kicking them in the balls. Punching your adversary in the face makes him defend his position.

Here’s an ingenious and technically factual satire, promoting a brand new altcoin known as United States Dollar, which is up 265% against Bitcoin this year.

ABSOLUTELY THE BEST PARODY EVER, and I’m going to shamelessly quote it.


Holy shit, after posting this, I learned I can actually load this coin to my phone and that most retailers already accept it as a payment method. BRB I’m going to test this out and see what the transaction fees and how long it takes the mempool to process the transaction.

Edit: Somethings not right here, I went to pay for a sandwich and the transaction took place almost immediately. I checked my digital wallet and the transaction fee appears to be reversed or something? I actually have 1% sitting in a cashback account. Can someone explain this, will I have to pay this back at the end of the year or something?


Perfect parody. Literally and precisely factual, and the assumed procoiner’s view of the situation would also be true IF the procoiner didn’t know that he was dealing with Horrible Fiat.

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