Write but not read

Just noticing an oddity for the hundredth time.

‘Write what you know’ is excellent advice. EXPERIENCE is the only thing that counts.

When you know about a job or a skill or a place or a culture, you can IMMEDIATELY spot an outsider’s attempts to describe it. Staying inside your zone of familiarity also breeds objectivity. It’s much harder to be blindly partisan pro or con when you live with the real pros and cons of a job or place or situation.

BUT: ‘Read what you know’ doesn’t work, at least for this blog. For 16 years I’ve been writing about Kansas or Oklahoma at least weekly, and many of my graphic tributes to Lost Places are in that area. Also for 16 years my few regular readers are a LONG way from Kansas and Oklahoma.

One item, way back in 2005, dealt with a swindler who was working in Oklahoma. I read about him in the Enid News and thought he was doing a good thing, then quickly read more and saw that he was a scammer. This one item got occasional reads from Oklahoma, until about 4 years ago. Maybe he died or went to jail. Those reads were the ONLY reads from Okla. I’ve never had an definite read from Kansas. (One read appeared in Statcounter a few times, but it smelled like a proxy or VPN.)

The same goes for Spokane. I’ve resided here for 32 years, and occasionally note the grotesque doings of the city “government”, which has been fully insane the whole time. These mentions are much less frequent than Kansas and Okla, but again the rule applies. No readers anywhere in the state of Washington.

= = = = =

Later and better thought: ‘Read WHERE you know’ fails, but WHAT you know might be partly valid. In some cases I can see that my regular readers were brought in from sites of similar interests like UncommonDescent. Also, Statcounter’s listing of browser and OS shows some fellow semi-Luddites. One previous regular was even more Luddite than I am, sticking with WinXP and Firefox 11. It takes courage and work to sustain such a large delta against the oncoming tide of forced updates.

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