Unanswered question

An observation that deserves explanation. I don’t have a good explanation yet.

Bankman-Fried and his cohorts are dramatically different from the usual pro-coin influencers in two ways, and I think the two are related.

(1) SBF is influencing the elite. He donates to D candidates and says all the things the elite say, with added emphasis and a strong implication of added physical violence against peasants. The other procoiners are talking to lonely peasants.

(2) SBF and his cohorts are physically unimpressive. Short, pudgy, slouching, wiggly. The main procoin influencers on the Libertarian side are TALL men and BEAUTIFUL women.

= = = = =

Universally, TALL men and BEAUTIFUL women are the best influencers for any purpose and any political side. Everyone obeys height and beauty without question.

Puzzle: Why did so many people (on both political sides) obey SBF without question? He doesn’t radiate confidence and doesn’t actually SAY much.

Elon fits the same physical category. He’s a regular businessman type, middle height, square build, a bit of a bulldog but not automatically intimidating. I’ve had many small-business bosses who look and act like Elon.

But Elon doesn’t get a free pass, so he’s not really an exception to the rule. People feel free to openly dislike him for a variety of reasons.

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