Thankful for?

This year I can finally see one point of gratitude.


Jerome Powell at the central bank is RESOLUTELY turning away from infinite counterfeit and infinite debt. He can’t solve the problems that began before 2008, but he is QUICKLY solving all the shit that started in 2008, including social media, tech craziness, bitcoin, and even the “virus” holocaust. All of those evils were EASY because demons had instant access to totally free resources.   They won’t be EASY from now on.

= = = = =

This podcast shows unusual wisdom, and perhaps realistic optimism, about the results of the turnaround. Pippa Malmgren, who resembles Catherine Fitts in experience and attitude, sees investors turning toward REAL INDUSTRY and REAL NATIONALISM because the counterfeit fountain is gone.  The interesting part starts around 17 minutes.

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