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Reprint from 2011, linked in previous.

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Why do I hate Romney so much?

Trying to figure out why I hate Mitt so ferociously, when he’s by no means the only candidate of the Wall Street Mafia. Both Newt and Obama are Goldman slaves, and I don’t hate them in the same way.

Basically it’s the sheer chutzpah and blasphemy when Mitt cites “capitalism” as the cure to our problems:

“I want to use the experience I have in the free enterprise system to make sure America gets working again.”

He has NO EXPERIENCE in the free enterprise system. His business career consisted solely of BREAKING INTO EXISTING FREE ENTERPRISES, ROBBING THEM, TAKING THEIR CASH, AND SENDING THEIR JOBS TO CHINA. That’s the experience of a criminal, not the experience of a businessman. That’s the life of a man who knows how to DESTROY VALUE AND DESTROY JOBS, not a man who creates value and creates jobs.

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But there’s more to it. I’ve already talked at length about Romney’s father, who I respected greatly. George Romney was all about free enterprise. He took over Nash in 1954 at a time of extreme crisis, when the corporate prognosis was terminal. He used the corporation’s own traditions, plus American workers, plus his own talent and vision, to beat Plymouth for 3rd place. All of that in 7 years, from 1954 to 1961. Now that was a man with real experience in creating American jobs. Not only that, he pulled sales and jobs away from foreign manufacturers, because the Rambler helped to suppress the invasion of Volkswagens.

Romney Senior was also a realist. He didn’t cheerily chirp about our Perfect Educational System or our Perfect Health Care or our Special Exceptional Moral Exceptionality Which Gives Us The God-Insured Exceptional Privilege To Do Any Fucking Exceptional Thing We Want. No, he simply named our problems and virtues as accurately as he could.

So the contrast between America-helping father and America-killing son is sharp and dramatic.

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There’s some personal resonance as well. Five times I’ve seen the devastation when Mitt types took over businesses where I worked, or colleges where I studied. In each case the business or college had a solid set of traditions that kept it going, kept its employees and customers/students in harmony. The institution had a SOUL.

In each case the Mitt type, the Numbers Man, the Turnaround Man, the Efficiency Expert, took over as CEO and destroyed the tradition, destroyed the harmony, destroyed the SOUL. The Mitt type ruled purely by NUMBERS, looking only at the bottom line and systematically tearing down the family-like connection that made the place worthwhile for its workers and customers. In each case there was a brief burst of profit, then a rapid decline as workers and customers/students abandoned ship.

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America has been suffering the same fate for 22 years now, and it will get much worse if Mitt takes over. Bush and Obama are not expert criminals, and they don’t know all the tricks of the Wall Street Mafia. Mitt is an absolute expert in cracking safes and cracking souls.

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