WTF is he thinking 2

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I didn’t waste time listening to the DeSantis announcement. Reading about it is bad enough. He’s doubling down on strategic stupidity by trying to beat Trump at the nastiness game.

WRONG BRAND! Trump is the literal killer app of blackmail and filthiness, trained by Roy Cohn. You shouldn’t get into the nasty ring with Trump. You shouldn’t WANT TO BE SEEN in that ring. You’ll only get dirty. You can’t possibly win or even survive.

Until now DeSantis had the best brand of all, a unique brand not seen since FDR or Ike. He solved problems.

Even his persona has changed, perhaps under the advice of consultants. I watched several of his speeches on the “virus” as governor. He was a serious resolute organized leader, thinking of every relevant detail and handling every relevant detail. Now he’s coming across as a raucous brawler. It doesn’t look natural, and it WON’T WORK.

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Later: The boxing ring metaphor leads to a thought: Trump blackmailed DeSantis to throw the fight. I can’t think of any other reason why an experienced and expert politician, with big-money backing, would fail so badly and LOUDLY.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, a Trump cult leader, has good coverage of the fiasco as seen by the cult.

Sheldon Adelson probably has something to do with this battle. Historically Adelson and Trump were competitors in the casino racket, enemies for an obvious gangster reason. Adelson initially opposed Trump in 2016 then ended up supporting him for non-obvious reasons. Adelson died a couple years ago, and now his widow is the big money behind DeSantis.

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