The one thing

Duane Jones’s base phrase is Repeats when sampled.

A product must first sample the customers. Sample is a transitive verb meaning send or offer a sample of the product. Repeat means that the customer wants to buy more than once after being sampled once. Both steps are necessary to sell the product.

So far DeSantis hasn’t done either part of the Jones motto. His campaign hasn’t emailed me.

Haley has done the first part. Her campaign emailed me and asked nicely. I donated.

Today her campaign sent a paper letter, which is a smart way of reaching my type. Even better, the mailing center is in Topeka, providing money to the heartland. BUT: the enclosed letter is entirely and strictly about destroying Russia.

No repeat on this sample.

In her Bari Weiss interview Haley issued a strong Never Again on the whole NAZI TORTURE CAMP, emphasizing the lockdowns and ballgags instead of the needles. That’s the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS NOW.

I’m a one-issue voter, a one-issue thinker, a one-issue liver. If you approve of strangling the world you are a demon. If you specifically disapprove of strangling the world you are a human.

Haley has dropped down to the status of Probationally Human. She could recover full human status if she repeats THE ONE THING THAT MATTERS.

= = = = =

Sidenote: Rob Long offers a variation on the Jones Rule. Businesses succeed when they enable customers to be lazy. Movie theaters declined in the ’50s because the customers moved to the suburbs and the theaters stayed downtown. People were willing to drive to a theater, but downtown was “alien and dangerous”. After theaters moved into malls, they regained their customers. Long’s rule is Be Where The Customers Are.

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