Wish I could find this again…

Every profession and guild occasionally has a spasm of soul-searching, sometimes prompted by a defeat, sometimes more general.

Science journals publish these fake pieces fairly often, and EVERYONE KNOWS that nothing will change.

We need to persuade the filthy three-toothed Christer Trumper Birther Hillbilly Neanderthals.

Why can’t we persuade the subhuman brainless fascists?

The problem is obvious to outsiders. If you want to persuade people, you need to treat them with RESPECT, you need to LISTEN to their concerns, and first of all you need to TELL THE FUCKING TRUTH. As long as you are torturing and killing and lying, you are not PERSUADING them, and YOU KNOW IT GODDAMN WELL.

One such media spasm after Trump was “elected” included a unique exception to the rule. I cited it in the old blog, but now I can’t find it in the archives. This one spasm was valuable because ONE of the soul-searchers told the fucking truth. There were about 10 essays from various media insiders, all running the same game. How should we pretend that we’re listening? How should we change our format? Should we use a different font? Big print and one-syllable words and short articles so the Neanderthal subhumans can pretend to read them?

One author told the flat simple truth. None of this shit will happen because the PEOPLE who work in journalism are devils who can’t possibly listen to anyone or tell the truth about anything. No system change or font change or improved algorithms will make any difference as long as the PEOPLE are demonic.

And that’s the truth about all soul-searches. None of this shit will ever happen because the PEOPLE in the profession are incapable of thinking outside their caste.

It’s all about caste every fucking time.

= = = = =

Credit sidenote: While looking through the old blog I was reminded that Avi Loeb has been an outstanding exception to the standard crap in science. He constantly pushed for REAL listening to Nature and REAL listening to outside voices. His advocacy for his pet asteroid as a UFO reminds me of Edwards and Lorenzen. His last article for SciAm was in Jan 2020, after a long run of monthly features. The timing is interesting, but it doesn’t sound like he was fired. Later mentions of Loeb in SciAm are generally neutral.

Poor comparison

Let’s try a comparison of the clubs and interest groups in the 1950s UFO craze vs the 2020 “virus” holocaust.

The comparison is messy from the start because the government’s experiments were opposite in form and scale. So I can’t draw a proper analogy. I’m just looking at the organizations.

UFO: Government was experimenting with advanced rockets and surveillance devices. The devices were real but the government wanted us to ignore them. The Air Force insisted on relabeling the observations as Venus or Jupiter, even when astronomers pointed out that Venus and Jupiter don’t dance around or fly in formations or show up on radar.

“Virus”: Government was experimenting with worldwide genocide and vicious Nazi torture. There might be an actual virus. We’ll never know. The one thing we DO know is that the “virus” (if any) had no effects. There was no epidemic. The deaths attributed to the “virus” were existing deaths, people who were already going to die. Perhaps their final condition included this “virus” (if any) and perhaps the deaths were purely relabeled. We’ll never know and IT DOESN’T FUCKING MATTER. The “virus” is an unnecessary entity, an irrelevant variable. The real deaths and illnesses would have been THE SAME either way, except for the OTHER real illnesses that were undiagnosed and untreated for two years, and the shortened lifespans of an entire PLANET that spent two years in a torture chamber for no reason except the sexual pleasure of the psychopathic rulers.

= = = = =

Aside from that, Mrs Lincoln, I can see some parallels in the responses.

In both cases we have ‘respectable’ data gatherers, organized by ‘former’ government employees. These groups accept the government’s basic premise but wish the government would do more investigation.

NICAP included many ‘former’ Air Force officers and currently employed scientists, and even had a ‘former’ CIA director on its board.**

Berenson accepts the premise, and is married to an MD. Nuff said. The German group ACU was led by Bobby Kennedy Jr, who is a major player in the Climate hoax. More than nuff said.

= = = = =

In both cases we have less organized observers, who ignore the premise and simply try to collate and report what’s happening. In the ’50s, Frank Edwards and Coral Lorenzen fitted into this category. Edwards lost his network news job for refusing to accept the premise, but he was able to regain his balance and find a different niche. Above all, Edwards and Lorenzen were not pretending to influence the government, just trying to give ordinary people moral support and empathy. … And both were trying to make some money! Moral support and empathy are valuable services. Much more valuable than fear and panic and strangulation.

I haven’t seen any Lorenzen-type organizations in today’s holocaust, but there are plenty of individuals who are simply trying to maintain their own views. An organized opposition might have started with Magufuli, but Deepstate killed him to be sure it didn’t happen.

If I think in terms of black and red, indicative and imperative, the sane governors of Dixie and the plains definitely belong on this side. They wisely avoided VERBAL statements of heresy. They simply ruled their states sanely, IGNORING the “necessary torture” that was “required” by the false premise.

= = = = =

** Incidentally, NICAP finally got the full-scale investigation that it wanted. Jerry Ford, the House Repooflican leader, conducted a full Congressional hearing on the subject. The hearing was a Robust Debate between the Air Force and Nobody. Since Nobody presented no convincing evidence, the Air Force side was properly and logically accepted.

As usual the reason matters more than the content….

According to Vice, Deepstate has “released” a bunch of documents about its UFO research programs. Skimming some of the links, it appears that nothing much has changed since the ’50s. The government was “trying” to achieve antigravity propulsion in Project AVRO back then, and it’s still “trying” the same thing. The beta tests of these experiments are still showing up in various places, and the government is still pretending that they’re “not ours”.

More interesting is the list of human effects from encounters. Again nothing has changed. Some of the effects are clearly part of a panic reaction, some are internal heating from diathermy, and some are from radiation.

Most interesting is the reason for the current release. It’s officially stated as a FOIA response, but everyone knows that a FOIA can linger forever without a response. Why was this blob of non-Shannon non-information emitted NOW?

It was emitted because Harry Reid stopped blackmailing in December.

Reid was the sponsor of the recent “research” because one of his gang buddies was getting some of the contracts. Reid had a remarkable level of blackmail power over every aspect of government. His Mafia connections mattered far more than any “election”.

The use of blackmail to halt release of UFO info is ALSO nothing new.

I haven’t been listening to any media for a year, so didn’t realize Reid had stopped blackmailing.

Now that Reid has ceased blackmailing, it’s time to revisit the Yucca Mountain nuclear storage facility. This was essentially completed and ready to use many years ago, but Reid closed it down. Now that Reid’s power is gone, somebody should try to bring it back into action.

Unique in one way

Random thought.

The UFO phenomenon was a unique conflict of government vs humans.

Normally the government makes up a fake “threat”, calling it an “attack” or “witchcraft” or “commie subversives” or “Islamic terrorists” or a “virus”.

Ordinary people are NOT observing the nonexistent “threat”. The government has to persuade us that the “threat” is real so it can ruin and kill us for sexual pleasure.

With UFOs the balance was reversed. Ordinary people were seeing things that seemed like threats, and the government was trying to persuade us that the things were NOT there.

Most likely the things were government projects, but that’s not relevant to this basic difference.

Revising a conventional guess

In previous item about a strangely primitive tube-based spy rig, I casually dismissed transistors as not ready for prime time. That was true in the early ’50s, but Russian equipment famously stuck with tubes long after transistors were generally reliable and consistent.

Sputnik used submini tubes while our satellites used transistors. Sputnik got there first, which says that tubes were still fully competitive even in small and light equipment.

The conventional reason for the Russian caution is EMP. Supposedly Russia was afraid that we might hit them with a high-altitude nuke.

In reality EMP never happened. Not fucking once. We had plenty of chances to use it, and “terrorists” had plenty of chances to use it. EMP has been a potential (heh) threat for 75 years, and nobody has ever tried it.

Now that I’m more familiar with the capabilities and behaviors of UFOs, maybe it’s time to revise the hypothesis.

Russia was protecting its equipment from UFOs, not from EMP.

There’s plenty of doubt about the origin and ownership of UFOs, but one thing is certain from reliable reports:

UFOs had a powerful electric field.

I’m inclined to believe that UFOs were American, not Martian or Venusian. This would also fit the unique Russian desire for protection. We didn’t need to protect our equipment from our own weapon.

Some observers also measured high radiation readings where UFOs had landed or approached the ground. This measurement is far less definite than the electric field because it was infrequent and lacked baseline comparisons. If the radiation measurements were valid, they would imply that the electric field was generated by fission, just like the alleged EMP.

Was EMP a polite way of saying UFO?

Always a thrill

Coral and Jim Lorenzen developed a network of independent UFO observers across USA and South America. Their organization knew what was happening, and thus knew when the media was choosing not to report what was happening.

Immediately after Sputnik a large number of media reports came to the surface, and the media went supernova after Sputnik II (carrying Laika the dog.) Coral knew that the change was mainly in the media, not in the actual frequency of reports. The media clearly wanted to distract us from the Russian success, and needed to associate HORRIBLE UFOs with Russian satellites.

Even so, a couple of highly dramatic incidents happened just after Sputnik II. A huge orange ball was seen by a military installation at Itaipu in Brazil, and a similar orange ball (possibly the same ball) was seen in Levelland, Texas. These objects used their electric fields more aggressively than before, seriously burning two of the soldiers at Itaipu and ‘warming up’ some people in Levelland. Both of these objects also stopped cars and electric power systems.

Coral believed UFOs were from other planets because she grew up under FDR and couldn’t imagine our own government killing its own people for thrills.

She wrote:

Is there a purpose and a pattern? I believe so. A moderate-sized American town “besieged” by an object which stopped traffic. A test to halt panic-stricken flight of the natives when the day of contact comes?

A modern observer who grew up under the post-FDR Deepstate wouldn’t be so sanguine. We’ve seen repeatedly, with increasing frequency and cruelty, that our own government ENJOYS trapping and destroying us.

The tendency was already clear in the ’50s in retrospect. Our Civil Defense program was designed to paralyze us with fear and panic, not to shelter us from real bombs. And now we recognize with horror the BESIEGED CITY, halting panic-stricken flight with lockdowns and lucite and ballgags in all transportation.

The UFOs were clearly part of the experiment, giving a thrill to the demonic experimenters. Imprison the peasants! Stop their cars! Burn them to a crisp! Day of Contact! Orgasm!

= = = = =

Calibration: My own attitude toward Civil Defense was much more sanguine before I tossed the TV and sobered up from the neocon drug.

2005: Please protect us from terrorists! Need more lockdowns!

2011: Civil Defense was formerly sensible but now it’s useless.

2014: It’s always been crap.

First American radar

Rehashing from two weeks ago:

This early radar installation appeared in a 1945 issue of Electronics magazine, which turned out to be the same issue that momentarily revealed part of the atom bomb before clamping down again. The issue includes a significant editorial on the whole subject of clamping and releasing.

= = = = =

After scrounging around the limited material on the SCR-268, here’s a scene and animation. I’ve followed the one available sketch of a full setup, presumably on a Pacific island.

The SCR-268 was developed in the mid-30s and used in the first year of WW2, then replaced by smaller and less clumsy units. The Brits and Japs were ahead of us in radar, and the Krauts were behind. (Krauts are the supreme engineers. They could have been way ahead of everyone else, but Hitler defunded radar development, with the usual Kraut overconfidence.)

SCR-268 was clumsy in its mechanical form, but its electronic innards were highly sophisticated. It was used for searchlight control and gun control.

Three operators sat in front of oscilloscopes, each controlling one aspect of the system from the same picture. Each had a handwheel driving a servomechanism. One controlled azimuth (side-side), another controlled altitude (up-down) and the third controlled the parallax relationship between the radar and the searchlight or gun.

The three operators worked in shifts, constantly scanning back and forth and up and down over the likely area of incoming threats.

For simplicity, Polistra is only controlling azimuth. She turns the servo wheel back and forth, activating a servomotor that moves the entire mechanism back and forth. The servo also moves the azimuth of the searchlight or gun. She is watching the trace (shown at upper right). The transmitter sends out pulses constantly on the middle antenna, and the received pulse from the two outer antennas shows up later. Here she is trying to find the strongest echo pulse.

The altitude operator was also watching the strength of the received pulse, controlling a servo motor that turned the antennas and lights upward and downward.

The parallax or range operator was watching the distance (time delay) between the sent and received pulse, setting the searchlight and gun to be more ‘cross-eyed’ with the radar when the received pulse was nearer.

I’m showing the searchlight turned on for clarity, but in reality the light would be turned off until the officer in charge decided it was time to fire. Then the light captured the aircraft and the guns were fired. The enemy wouldn’t know he had been seen until just before he was shot.

= = = = =

Graphic sidenote: Is that a UFO or Smokey Bear?

Media puzzle

Trying to sort out a meaningless puzzle. Part of the 1965 ‘banner year’ or Grand Finale for UFOs happened in Okla and Kansas. In August a chain of sightings ran from Chickasha to Wellington to Wichita to KC, including some radar readings at TV stations in Wichita and KC. If the group was seen in Wichita and KC, it probably passed over or near Manhattan.

I was 15 at the time, living in Manhattan. I was a total tech nerd, listening to SW, reading PopSci, and building electronic stuff that didn’t work. I wasn’t especially interested in astronomy or space, but you’d think that a major event like UFOs in the state would have been memorable.

Best conclusion: The local newspapers and radio stations simply weren’t mentioning the UFOs. The radio reports in the Connors archive are from big-city talk shows in Cleveland and NYC and Boston, not news items on local stations.

= = = = =

Later after more memory searching, found the answer. I wasn’t IN Manhattan in August ’65. My father was trying to change jobs, and we spent that summer renting a house in Ohio while he taught a summer course at BGSU, ‘auditioning’ for a tenured position. We then returned to Manhattan for the next school year, and he got the BGSU job in the fall of ’66. It was a terrible mistake. He should have stayed at K-State.

So what’s my guess?

Branching from previous item on command/fact pairs….

For a brief period last year, Deepstate was preferring the believer side of the UFO question. (Deepstate always runs organizations on both sides, but this was a switch of preference.)

NASA presented some sightings in an attempt to gin up yet another fake “threat” requiring “protection”. It fell flat, probably because we’re too busy trying to survive the “virus” hoaxocaust.

Now they’ve found the sweet spot with good old KILL RUSSIA. Much less confusing for the People Who Count. Media and Experts were accustomed to dismissing UFOs, so they couldn’t make the sudden pivot. Media and Experts have been hating Russia for 100 years. They know how to play this game.

Last year’s government-sponsored sightings were not convincing. They looked to me like flies on the camera lens. In an era of CGI deepfakes, anyone could do better. Were they intended to fail? Seems too complicated, but possible.

= = = = =

What’s my guess about the more convincing UFOs of previous decades?

The one common factor in the believable reports is electric charge. Car ignitions failed, light bulbs flickered, some power systems failed. People felt a variety of symptoms that resembled high-frequency focused waves, ie Diathermy. Dogs and horses inside buildings could sense the objects from a distance.

Electric fields can create complex visual impressions in the human brainstem without showing up on a camera.

Another common factor, the sudden moves, would also fit a controlled charge vortex. A field is massless, and can accelerate in any direction instantly.

In other words, it’s all ball lightning. Some of the ball lightning appeared in unlikely places and moved in unnatural ways. Those objects may have been located and moved by remote command. Perhaps they were controlled by an intersection of waves, or perhaps there was a very small physical object inside the ball.

Where was the control? Our Deepstate, not Mars or Venus. The sightings started at the same time when Deepstate was taking control of “science” and technology. Good old 1946. What was the purpose? Spying on the peasants. If you’re going to debug new spy tech, you want to start in remote areas, not big cities. Only a few observers, and it’s much easier to tinfoil hicks and hillbillies.

Why did they fade out after 1965? Spy satellites took over the visual part of the job without scaring the peasants. Then the web started in ’68, enabling total monitoring of movements and thoughts.

Putting UFOs onto the timeline

Two very different men with the same initials.

= = = = =

Alphia Hart mentioned the UFO craze often, and not only because it was a kindred unorthodox spirit. Hart’s specific mission was debunking the Hubbard cult, which is based on a wild story about alien contacts.

Now that I know some of the ‘big names’ in the UFO crowd, I went back to the Aberree source and looked for mentions of those names. There are a few, such as this article by Riley Crabb. Crabb is in the Connors tapes, and he mentions several other ‘big names’ in the article.

Overall, Hart’s tone was the same as the pro-science side, trying to filter out the hucksters and cults while listening to the low-status oddballs who had SEEN SOMETHING.

= = = = =

Allen Hynek was a pivotal figure who didn’t quite pivot. He was a high-status astronomer who made the mistake of observing Nature instead of observing government commands. Deepstate gave him the usual harsh interrogation and discrediting treatment. He flipped from helping Deepstate to helping the truth-tellers, but he couldn’t bring himself to distrust the government and trust oddballs. His status fence was still intact.

The history of Hynek’s generation explains this difficulty. WW1, and Wilson’s total tyranny using WW1 as “justification”, taught many people the truth about evil rulers. Prohibition helped to maintain a healthy skepticism for 20 years, and then FDR gave ordinary people a specific reason to TRUST the government, including government experts.

In 1947 when the UFOs started to appear, Deepstate was also starting to emerge from its richly deserved grave. Deepstate played both sides in the UFO craze as usual, censoring and ruining the truth-tellers while funding and organizing fake cults to make the truth-tellers look horrible.

Many of these people had grown up in the exceptional ’30s when the Feds were creating trust by creating work and parks and schools and dams and skills. They were blindsided by the sudden return of the Machiavellian norm.