Defensible Spaces review 4/6

How about defensible times? From 2019 again:

Roger Scruton’s latest article includes this evocative sentence;

At first, I thought that the placeless character of modern housing is a matter of style—the modern materials and proportions, the grammarless disposition of windows and doors, the random orientation along cul-de-sacs that join nothing to nothing. But it soon became clear that the style made next to no difference to the effect.

‘Grammarless disposition’ is a wonderfully precise phrase, and I think it’s the key to the problem.

Life is order. Death is chaos.

Civilization is a specific TYPE of order called Natural Law. Natural Law was recorded in God’s experimental log book. It was recorded by the civilizations who survived. Sorosians break every provision of Natural Law. We can watch the experiment in supercompressed video now. Sorosian cultures are dying fast from both ends, failing to reproduce and committing mass suicide. Natural Law cultures are reproducing and staying alive.

Language also has a specific TYPE of order called grammar, which develops naturally. I’ve made two pretty good observations on the subject. (1) Grammar is a trellis that organizes and strengthens civilization. (2) Languages with caseless nouns are easy prey for Sorosian chaos. The latter connects with Scruton’s discussion of places. If your language has firm structure of the relations between places and things and people, you have a better defense against Sorosian destruction of borders and connections. A place for everyone and everyone in his place. Firm structure of verbs doesn’t seem to help.

Natural grammar is generally unrecorded, so it doesn’t have lobbyists or churches to defend it against the chaotizers. The chaotizers, unsurprisingly, started to enforce the invented rigid abstractions of UNnatural grammar at the same time that they started to enforce the rigid demonic insanities of the “Enlightenment”. The “rules” of official “grammar” lead to confusion and ambiguity, and make it impossible to express normal thoughts in normal order, just as the crazy abstractions of “rights” and “equality” lead to confusion and ambiguity. Chaotized meaning is well-known, thanks to Orwell. Chaotized grammar is equally important but not often discussed.

I haven’t thought much about the grammar of art and architecture, but it fits the same pattern. Utopias of “rights” and “equality” always break down natural symmetry and resonance. It’s most obvious and literal in music, where movements like atonalism and Twelve-Tones obliterated resonance and rhythm.

Needless to say, the brain’s functioning depends on resonance and rhythm, and I’m guessing that the brain creates defensible spaces by heterodyning or subcarrier processes.

Any input that breaks resonance and symmetry and rhythm is a pathogen against internal rhythm.

Any input that breaks our memory of previous experience is a pathogen against defensible times. Globalists constantly break memory and force it to be reinterpreted the globalist way. Github/Room 101 doesn’t merely distort earlier memories, it smashes the PROCESS of creating and storing memories.

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