Statusotopic mapping?

If we start from my unconventional thought that secrecy is the default, what happens? If we treat this as the baseline assumption, what about “innovation” and “robust debate”?

First some clarification. I’m talking about secrecy and language within a family or tribe or guild, not secrecy between all individuals. Language forms the circle and keeps outsiders at bay. Secrecy inside the guild is natural and easy. Secrecy between individuals (within the circle) is not natural and interferes with civilization. Modern technology is designed to break down the natural forms of secrecy. Destroy the workplace, destroy the family, destroy clubs and Mutual Benefit Associations. The state penetrates all boundaries.

I was casting around for a way to organize this random crap, until I read this proposal for breaking an important part of secrecy. “Transparency” is a favorite fake goal of reformers. “Transparency” breaks the privacy of the guild.

“Transparency” in the process of research and development would ruin research, because competing teams with more money would be able to catch the idea and frontrun it.

This was the original purpose of the Web. NSA wanted a way to catch research ideas early in their formation so NSA could get ahead of them. It’s bad enough to have NSA frontrunning all your tentative thoughts and hypotheses, but it would be vastly worse if the team at MIT could see an early form of a brilliant idea or clever experiment at Podunk Community College.

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Part of my initial 2016 thoughts on the subject:

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These modern debates about encryption (ie the Bitcoin scam or the fake dispute between Apple and FBI) ring hollow to my ear, but I hadn’t figured out why until just now.

Both sides are missing the oldest and deepest fact.

Encryption is the PRIMARY form of communication. Encryption came first. Publicly readable speech and writing came later.

Most living things communicate through chemical, visual and audio signals. Some fish communicate through AM and FM radio waves. Bacteria and mitochondria communicate electrically via wires. Most of these ‘channels’ are intrinsically and physically private.

Smarter vertebrates turn public audio channels into private channels through individual variations. Why do birds develop special grace notes? So a male can stand out as a mateworthy individual, and so members of a family can recognize each other.

Why did humans take it to the next level with more complex and more articulate syllables? Not so everyone could understand. That’s SUICIDAL. We developed language so OUR FAMILY and OUR TRIBE and OUR GUILD and OUR COMPANY could communicate without OTHER modules picking up the information.

Why did humans later develop ways of recording information on clay or wood? Three semi-separate motivations. (1) The priesthood of bookkeepers (my kind of priesthood!) developed numbers so they could keep track of business transactions. After the idea of visual mapping became familiar, the specific number symbols for One Ox or One House came to represent the ox or house itself, and then the sounds for Ox or House. After that, metaphor expanded or specialized the symbols.

(2) Census-takers picked up the trick, using it to register information about residents for governmental purposes like debts and taxes. (3) Religious priesthoods used writing to keep the scriptures within bounds, so they could gain power and money by renting out little bits of the ceremony. Guilds developed their own special sublanguages to protect their ownership of skill-estate, so they could rent out skilled labor without passing the skills to outsiders.

All of these priesthoods were trying to keep information within their own circles. Otherwise, why bother?

Audio encryption pretty much disappeared after writing became commonplace. It didn’t re-emerge until electronics made tricks like scramblers possible. Later on, DSP made complex audio encryption easier.

And that’s where we are now. The same place we’ve always been…. except that AS FUCKING USUAL we intentionally reverse our understanding.

The initial and permanent purpose of communication is EXCLUSION. DIVISIVENESS. XENOPHOBIA. When communication REALLY MATTERS, it’s coded.

Families no longer matter, so families no longer encrypt. Businesses still need encryption to stay ahead of the competition. Government data-gatherers still need encryption to stay ahead of the citizens. Armies still need codes to protect strategies.

Languages didn’t start from a single universal tongue. Exactly the opposite. Satan doesn’t separate languages; Satan wants everyone to speak the same way so the government can spy more efficiently. God smashed the Tower of Babel because the emperor was trying to force ONE language.

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Now a bit of speculation about innate capacities. We’ve known for a long time that the basics of spoken language are built-in. We’ve known for a shorter time** that writing and reading are built-in and hardwired. Recent observations seem to indicate that we have an innate structure for status, which makes sense. Hive structure is innate and permanent, so it must be hardwired.

Status indicators (formal vs familiar) were part of all languages until the Locke-Marat Endarkenment wiped them out of English.


Given that language and status are both hardwired, there must be a MAP of status locations closely tied to the language processors. All languages account for physical location (noun case, prepositions) and all languages account for temporal location (verb aspect and tense). These language structures must connect to the hippocampal maps of space and time. The space and time maps are laid out ‘on the horizon’ of the hippocampus. Where is the status map? I might envision it as two-dimensional. Around the horizon we see the ‘portals’ of our own hive, where it connects to other hives of superior or inferior status. The superior hives are above, the inferior hives are below.

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** Later footnote:  No, it wasn’t a shorter time.  The reading and writing parts of the brain were known in 1902.

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