As usual the reason matters more than the content….

According to Vice, Deepstate has “released” a bunch of documents about its UFO research programs. Skimming some of the links, it appears that nothing much has changed since the ’50s. The government was “trying” to achieve antigravity propulsion in Project AVRO back then, and it’s still “trying” the same thing. The beta tests of these experiments are still showing up in various places, and the government is still pretending that they’re “not ours”.

More interesting is the list of human effects from encounters. Again nothing has changed. Some of the effects are clearly part of a panic reaction, some are internal heating from diathermy, and some are from radiation.

Most interesting is the reason for the current release. It’s officially stated as a FOIA response, but everyone knows that a FOIA can linger forever without a response. Why was this blob of non-Shannon non-information emitted NOW?

It was emitted because Harry Reid stopped blackmailing in December.

Reid was the sponsor of the recent “research” because one of his gang buddies was getting some of the contracts. Reid had a remarkable level of blackmail power over every aspect of government. His Mafia connections mattered far more than any “election”.

The use of blackmail to halt release of UFO info is ALSO nothing new.

I haven’t been listening to any media for a year, so didn’t realize Reid had stopped blackmailing.

Now that Reid has ceased blackmailing, it’s time to revisit the Yucca Mountain nuclear storage facility. This was essentially completed and ready to use many years ago, but Reid closed it down. Now that Reid’s power is gone, somebody should try to bring it back into action.

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