Poor comparison

Let’s try a comparison of the clubs and interest groups in the 1950s UFO craze vs the 2020 “virus” holocaust.

The comparison is messy from the start because the government’s experiments were opposite in form and scale. So I can’t draw a proper analogy. I’m just looking at the organizations.

UFO: Government was experimenting with advanced rockets and surveillance devices. The devices were real but the government wanted us to ignore them. The Air Force insisted on relabeling the observations as Venus or Jupiter, even when astronomers pointed out that Venus and Jupiter don’t dance around or fly in formations or show up on radar.

“Virus”: Government was experimenting with worldwide genocide and vicious Nazi torture. There might be an actual virus. We’ll never know. The one thing we DO know is that the “virus” (if any) had no effects. There was no epidemic. The deaths attributed to the “virus” were existing deaths, people who were already going to die. Perhaps their final condition included this “virus” (if any) and perhaps the deaths were purely relabeled. We’ll never know and IT DOESN’T FUCKING MATTER. The “virus” is an unnecessary entity, an irrelevant variable. The real deaths and illnesses would have been THE SAME either way, except for the OTHER real illnesses that were undiagnosed and untreated for two years, and the shortened lifespans of an entire PLANET that spent two years in a torture chamber for no reason except the sexual pleasure of the psychopathic rulers.

= = = = =

Aside from that, Mrs Lincoln, I can see some parallels in the responses.

In both cases we have ‘respectable’ data gatherers, organized by ‘former’ government employees. These groups accept the government’s basic premise but wish the government would do more investigation.

NICAP included many ‘former’ Air Force officers and currently employed scientists, and even had a ‘former’ CIA director on its board.**

Berenson accepts the premise, and is married to an MD. Nuff said. The German group ACU was led by Bobby Kennedy Jr, who is a major player in the Climate hoax. More than nuff said.

= = = = =

In both cases we have less organized observers, who ignore the premise and simply try to collate and report what’s happening. In the ’50s, Frank Edwards and Coral Lorenzen fitted into this category. Edwards lost his network news job for refusing to accept the premise, but he was able to regain his balance and find a different niche. Above all, Edwards and Lorenzen were not pretending to influence the government, just trying to give ordinary people moral support and empathy. … And both were trying to make some money! Moral support and empathy are valuable services. Much more valuable than fear and panic and strangulation.

I haven’t seen any Lorenzen-type organizations in today’s holocaust, but there are plenty of individuals who are simply trying to maintain their own views. An organized opposition might have started with Magufuli, but Deepstate killed him to be sure it didn’t happen.

If I think in terms of black and red, indicative and imperative, the sane governors of Dixie and the plains definitely belong on this side. They wisely avoided VERBAL statements of heresy. They simply ruled their states sanely, IGNORING the “necessary torture” that was “required” by the false premise.

= = = = =

** Incidentally, NICAP finally got the full-scale investigation that it wanted. Jerry Ford, the House Repooflican leader, conducted a full Congressional hearing on the subject. The hearing was a Robust Debate between the Air Force and Nobody. Since Nobody presented no convincing evidence, the Air Force side was properly and logically accepted.

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