Wish I could find this again…

Every profession and guild occasionally has a spasm of soul-searching, sometimes prompted by a defeat, sometimes more general.

Science journals publish these fake pieces fairly often, and EVERYONE KNOWS that nothing will change.

We need to persuade the filthy three-toothed Christer Trumper Birther Hillbilly Neanderthals.

Why can’t we persuade the subhuman brainless fascists?

The problem is obvious to outsiders. If you want to persuade people, you need to treat them with RESPECT, you need to LISTEN to their concerns, and first of all you need to TELL THE FUCKING TRUTH. As long as you are torturing and killing and lying, you are not PERSUADING them, and YOU KNOW IT GODDAMN WELL.

One such media spasm after Trump was “elected” included a unique exception to the rule. I cited it in the old blog, but now I can’t find it in the archives. This one spasm was valuable because ONE of the soul-searchers told the fucking truth. There were about 10 essays from various media insiders, all running the same game. How should we pretend that we’re listening? How should we change our format? Should we use a different font? Big print and one-syllable words and short articles so the Neanderthal subhumans can pretend to read them?

One author told the flat simple truth. None of this shit will happen because the PEOPLE who work in journalism are devils who can’t possibly listen to anyone or tell the truth about anything. No system change or font change or improved algorithms will make any difference as long as the PEOPLE are demonic.

And that’s the truth about all soul-searches. None of this shit will ever happen because the PEOPLE in the profession are incapable of thinking outside their caste.

It’s all about caste every fucking time.

= = = = =

Credit sidenote: While looking through the old blog I was reminded that Avi Loeb has been an outstanding exception to the standard crap in science. He constantly pushed for REAL listening to Nature and REAL listening to outside voices. His advocacy for his pet asteroid as a UFO reminds me of Edwards and Lorenzen. His last article for SciAm was in Jan 2020, after a long run of monthly features. The timing is interesting, but it doesn’t sound like he was fired. Later mentions of Loeb in SciAm are generally neutral.

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