No excuse

For a month or two I’ve been pleasantly marinating in UFO discussions, mainly from the mid 60s. Thanks to archivist Wendy Connors, we have a huge well-organized selection of radio programs and interviews.

Earlier today I was reminded of Avi Loeb’s pet UFO, and watched some of his recent interviews. He hits the failings of Experts sharply and accurately.

But the modern discussion of UFOs is frustrating now that I know the history. Loeb and his interviewers are just starting to rediscover the questions and patterns that earlier thinkers had already organized and formalized.

We’re in the Dark Ages. All previous knowledge has vanished. Demonic rulers repeat the tortures that Machiavelli described, and we’re surprised. Bureaucracies replay the destructive games that Parkinson described, and we’re surprised. Elon “invents” electric cars and spaceflight, and we’re surprised. Avi starts to think about UFOs and starts to criticize Experts, and we’re surprised.

There’s no excuse for any of these vanishings. Most of the old material is within living memory, not 500 years old. All of the old material is EASY to access now, thanks to archivers and GoogleBooks. No need to join an obscure tape-swapping club, no need to learn ancient languages, no need to roam the world in search of the best libraries, no need to climb ten flights of narrow stairs in the Old Stacks of the best libraries. It’s all there at the click of a mouse, if you know enough about the subject to search wisely.

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