More on vanished knowledge

Continuing from previous item on mass forgetting…

We do know a few things now that weren’t known, or weren’t easily available, in the ’60s, and these new bits of info should inform our discussion now.

The earlier UFO thinkers were reluctant to conclude that the devices were ours, because

(1) Nobody can keep a secret.

(2) The progress of technology is linear. An invention is always improved as time goes on. These devices seem to be beyond our current abilities, so they must be ET.

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(1) was thoroughly disproved in 1973 when the Enigma project was published. Another cryptographic project with the same history was also published for the first time in 1976. Both projects were led by a few professional spies and employed thousands of civilians. All the civilians returned to normal life after 1945, with no further orders or paychecks from the military. All the civilians kept the secret for 30 years. Both reveals were made by the professional spy leaders.

In the ’60s nobody outside of the secret-keepers knew about these projects, so it was easier to assume that all secrets must leak out.**

(2) was already massively disproved by the history of alchemy and astronomy. Huge bodies of knowledge were lost in Europe but maintained and expanded in the Muslim world. The new availability of old books and patents enables us to see these forgettings clearly.

On a smaller scale, thanks to GoogleBooks we can now see that many specific devices, like fax and data webs and automatic transmissions and synchromesh, were invented and used, then forgotten until a Correct Corporation or a Correct Government “newly invented” them.

Progress is not a linear upward curve. Inventions and language and life itself come into the world full-blown, then quickly die or gradually decay.

Knowledge and machinery develop quickly to a high level, then remain within a small circle or disappear until someone who Owns The Narrative decides to “newly discover” the knowledge or machinery.

So it’s entirely possible that the charge vortex technology seen in the ‘standard UFO’ was invented and kept secret, or invented and forgotten.

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** Pretty good paradox. Perfect secrecy allows Deepstate to cultivate the assumption that secrecy is impossible, because we don’t know the giant exceptions to the assumption. And the assumption then allows Deepstate to maintain perfect secrecy, because we don’t believe that it exists.

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