Gets it

The Enid Buzz fb page asked who had CB radios. Here’s a reply that GETS IT:

The FCC did regulate CB indirectly. CB radios had to be prepackaged. The manufacturers had to keep the power below 5 watts ‘gross’, and had to maintain accurate frequency. Homebrewers who built 1 kilowatt amplifiers got caught pretty quickly.

But that’s not what she means. She’s making the same point I’ve been hitting forever. Radio is a soft analog medium, with all radio signals present everywhere. There’s no way for the FCC to isolate and block your signal in the ether, no way to demonetize the signal or place warnings under your signal. They would have to invade your house physically and confiscate your equipment.

Digital signals can be isolated or disconnected or jammed or modified at any point in the web. When you say “water is wet”, the web can autocorrect it to “water is dry”, and you’ll never be able to undo the autocorrect.

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