Barking UFO

Yesterday I proposed or imagined that the larger UFOs might belong to an ancient tribe that figured out how to LITERALLY harness electricity, a tribe that wasn’t spoiled by atom theories. They know how to organize charge patterns for massless or massed appearances.

The sightings of small discs flying in groups have a different flavor. Witnesses often describe them as dancing and playing, flying along with a car or aircraft for a while then veering off or jumping to the other side.

Perhaps these are the pets of the larger charge-creatures. A flock of carrier pigeons sent out to investigate the war vehicles of the big humanoids, and having some fun in the process. Or a pack of Field Spaniels running down the prey.

One oft-cited story from northeast Ohio in March 1966: Deputy Staur and Deputy Neff were patrolling late at night and stopped to check out an abandoned car. While they were looking through it, a disc rose from the nearby trees and started flying eastward along the highway. Being good cops, they decided this was more important than an abandoned car so they pursued. It stayed ahead of them at speeds from 80 to 100. When they fell behind, it stopped and waited for them, then started up again. They finally ran out of gas in Pennsylvania, and the disc disappeared after seeing that they weren’t going to continue the game.

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Is it possible to create a persistent vortex and send it out to accomplish a mission?

Yes. Hail cannons create air vortices and direct them into a cloud, where they break up the organized circulation of a thunderstorm. These air vortices look and sound a LOT like the ‘playful’ small discs, and their mission may also be similar.

Are they simply the same thing? Are the visible discs just air vortices created by the car or plane? Some might be. But the reported UFO-style discs are often illuminated at night and often interfere with power systems. So they seem to be primarily made of circling charge, which moves air molecules to create the sound. (The discs seen by some astronauts were certainly not made of air!)

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