If we assume (part 2)

I’ve been imagining that the ‘standard’ UFOs were living things and their equipment. An ancient tribe of small winged humans developed a technology based on waves and electric fields. They weren’t limited by theories of atomism and particles, so they figured out how to materialize and dematerialize. They continued existing in and around the Earth, only visible when they wanted to be seen, only massive when mass was needed.

This fits the available facts better than the usual interplanetary assumption.

What about their motivation or PURPOSE?

The usual assumption followed the postwar Klaatu theme. The atom bomb is the worst thing in history, so the aliens are trying to stop the atom bomb.

This is stupid nonsense. The atom bomb was nothing special, and did far less damage than our Thermite firebombs in Japan and Germany. And our Thermite bombs did VASTLY less damage than a prolonged campaign of torture and mass murder. The Japs and Krauts killed and ruined millions of lives before they were stopped.

Right now the modern Nazis are repeating the Kraut campaign everywhere in the world, killing millions and ruining BILLIONS in the name of “environment” and “virus” and “healthy conversations”, while simultaneously shutting down atomic power to emphasize the variable!

= = = = =

The disc-type UFOs were dancing around, appearing and disappearing. Most witnesses got the sense that the discs were investigating or checking the situation while moving around, like a curious puppy. Sniff here, sniff there, stop to roll on the grass, sniff there, pause to pee**, sniff more, play-fight with siblings…

The bigger vehicle-like UFOs seemed to be more serious, but nobody could figure out which side they were representing. At various times they appeared in most of the economically advanced countries. During the war the Krauts thought the discs were ours, and we thought the discs were theirs. Russians saw just as many discs as we did, and the Soviet government handled the situation the same way ours did.

Here’s a possibility that hasn’t been imagined:

The ancient charge critters were charging for their services.

They were selling disc detective work to any country or corporation that wanted it. They were selling Venus tours and abductions to cult leaders who needed to impress the yokels.

= = = = =

Footnote for clarity: This imagining disagrees with my previous imagining of the UFO’s purposes, and halfway disagrees with previous item about the government’s motivations. I’m not trying to be consistent, I’m just trying to have fun. Science is supposed to be entertaining.

Halfway: Government often hires services or steals weapons before understanding them. It then tries to reverse-engineer the product so it can manufacture in-house. The Air Force’s attempts to sample the outputs and residues from the discs would fit this acqui-hire practice. NSA developed the web so it could steal early-stage science and tech ideas from academia and reverse-engineer them for in-house production.

** Pee: The discs did sometimes pause to pee. They leaked a metallic-looking liquid, presumably the residue that the Air Force was trying to sample.

= = = = =

And finally: I think I’ll fade away from the UFO theme. I’ve used up the sources of old knowledge, and it feels like my speculation is getting too close to Deepstate-owned territory. My gut says ENOUGH, and I trust my gut.

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