More techtonic motion

When ArsTechnica argues against Deepstate, the techtonic plates have definitely shifted. Normally ArsTechnica and Wired and TechCrunch are eager to defend ABSOLUTELY EVERY CRIME committed by CIA/NSA/Pentagon.

Now Ars is showing healthy skepticism about the recent pro-UFO tack by Deepstate.

I was generally impressed by the 1950’s disks and acorns. Those were NOT obvious artifacts, and NOT experimental craft of any known type. I’m inclined to think that the “aliens” are intraterrestrial, not extra. If I had to guess, I’d say they’re an energy-based lifeform that can appear as physical matter when needed.

I’m totally unimpressed by the “sightings” in the last decade. Stupid artifacts. Insects near the camera or lens flashes or drones. The long-term UFO fans are equally skeptical. John Greenewald, who runs BlackVault, is a model of REAL scientific caution and reticence.

Only the government is trying to stir up beliefs now. “Aliens” are consistent with “global warming” and “the virus”. Government specializes in creating UNNECESSARY ENTITIES to justify more budget and more tyranny and more war. All Lusitania all the time.

Why the recent media shift? If I had to guess, I’d say QT. Now that the fountain of free counterfeit is no longer flowing, the bribes have dried up. There’s no hope of gaining more budget by sycophancy, so media have to try something new, which may accidentally include facts and reticence.

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