Random thoughts

Couple of random thoughts.

1. Thinking about the old Hollywood attitude that entertainment is a duty. Is entertainer one of the basic types? Humans unquestionably have a predesigned set of roles and duties just as bees do. Each basic type has an obvious old job, with modern variations. I hadn’t tried to include Entertainer in this set, but it does seem to be basic, just as the need for entertainment is basic. The show must go on has the same innate intensity as a border collie’s need to herd, or a labrador’s need to make friends. … Come to think of it, herding and friend-making and entertainment are the same duty. “Hurry, hurry, hurry! Come one, come all!” “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.”

= = = = =

2. Witch hunts are needed when official “morality” departs sharply from natural law or common morality. The famous witch hunts of the 1500s were originally needed to enforce the Roman doctrine that Jesus was rich. The doctrine “justified” wicked wealthy priests, who were “successors” to wicked wealthy Jesus. Natural law was relabeled as “original sin”.

The post-WW2 witch hunts were simpler. Deepstate needed to establish Russia as the enemy after 25 years of non-intervention and friendship. Natural thoughts and natural behavior were relabeled as “Russian sin”.

We’re seeing two separate “scientific” witch hunts right now. One hunt is needed because the official “virus”, and the “measures” needed to combat the “virus”, are precise opposites of real viruses and natural healing methods. A separate witch hunt is burning everyone who “mistakenly” believes that XX and XY are not the same chromosome.

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More broadly, of course, psychopaths are always flipping the rules. That’s exactly what demons do. But an individual demon is moving too fast to bother with full-fledged witch hunts. Only a government totally dominated by one set of demons has the resources to establish BIG all-consuming flips and hunts.

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